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Take some time off from them, go hang out with some different friends instead of your friend that is best for a whiile. Take a rest from that child

(= find some icrream and a move, take the time to imagine like youve made a decision go with it about it and when you feel. You ought to remain friends using them i think, just perhaps not date guy that is taht or simply just wait?

Wow which is some drama well let me tell u I am able to for yes state from experience I’ve been therefore drunk so drunk and I also suggest drunk n even @ that moment I knew wat I became doing wen I fell wen we threw up along with other times wen I happened to be a bit flirty i have never utilized my drinking as a reason and I also think its **** wen ppl do u mite regret wt u did but @ dat moment and time u consented compared to that action its not like ur so drunk u forget ur a ladies a buddy or a bf, gf u just don’t believe about any of it because u wnt to accomplish wt ever situation is within front side of u and as long as u have been in a scenario were u have to use seduction and action u know wt ur doing the unless ur drugged and dats simply rape. Continue reading