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Bah! The Subwoofer Hum Bug — and exactly how to cease It. Everybody can appreciate the worth of the good subwoofer in a home entertainment system.

Everybody else can appreciate the worthiness of the subwoofer that is good a home theater system. Getting good reproduction associated with entry level associated with spectrum that is audio noise an even more full and practical quality, and also at the best audible frequencies and below, a subwoofer adds a tactile quality to home theatre — several things aren’t plenty heard as felt.

Regrettably, there is another low-frequency sign contained in every house, that isn’t quite therefore lovely to be controlled by: the 60-cycle hum of this AC energy lines that energy every thing inside your home. In a world that is perfect energy hum would not ever enter into the sound sign path, however in this respect, our society is definately not ideal. There is nothing that may more effectively dampen a person’s enthusiasm for an excellent driven subwoofer than a persistent 60-cycle hum — and because a subwoofer is supposed particularly doing an excellent task of amplifying low-frequency signals, whenever a sub hums, it may hum extremely, really loudly.

The “brute force” technique for getting reduce 60-cycle hum is to filter it away, but that is maybe not a solution that is particularly desirable. Continue reading