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Elizabeth Kloepfer Had Been Ted Bundy’s Girlfriend — While Their Murder Spree Had Been Unfolding

Elizabeth Kloepfer a.k.a. Elizabeth Kendall survived a relationship with infamous serial killer Ted Bundy then composed a revealing tell-all about it.

Netflix Elizabeth Kloepfer came across Ted Bundy during the Sandpiper Tavern in Seattle. She was asked by him to dancing therefore the few started dating.

Ted Bundy’s infamous sequence of 1970s killings has immortalized him in US history among the most disarmingly charming and macabre murderers associated with century that is 20th. But while their tale was told over and over, reasonably small is famous about those from the periphery of their life.

Such is the situation with Ted Bundy’s girlfriend-turned-author Elizabeth Kloepfer a.k.a. Elizabeth Kendall.

Her relationship with Bundy has lately been depicted within the Netflix-produced, Zac Efron-starring thriller, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile. Continue reading