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Real ‘Ice Wives’ and Husbands of Antarctica: Friends With Benefits keep consitently the Southern Pole Steamy

“I relate to myself to be when you look at the fortunate that is lucky Seven, as with, i have gotten fortunate on all seven continents. After all, would not you?”

Let me state two apparent things: Antarctica is quite cool. Antarctica can be extremely remote. It really is so very hard to obtain here that employees and experts tend to be stationed in Antarctica for months, and research stations have quite spotty net connection that may assist you to talk to the world that is outside.

Enter, Ice Wives and Ice Husbands.

The Antarctica Slang dictionary on Cool Antarctica, a casual antarctic weblog, describes the terms as “a relationship carried out regarding the ice just simply for the summer season, just because one or both events are otherwise spoken for. No-one mentions it or tells anyone home.”

Based on those who have really gone to the frozen continent, both on Reddit and individuals who’ve been interviewed by magazines for instance the Australian and Cosmopolitan, Ice Wives and Ice Husbands are particularly, extremely genuine. Continue reading