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Being impacted by the moon, this cuspian tends to be quite a deep thinker, as well as gets the audacity to convey those ideas out loud.

Perhaps this best-of-both-world aspect of this cusp makes him/her such a magnet amongst others. And brain you, not only an ordinary magnet, nevertheless the one which exhibits grace, cheerfulness, and a feeling of optimism all over.

This cusp has a tendency to have a outlook that is balanced life, when compared with the two indications it includes. While Leo can be very impractical, and Cancer can be very dreamy, a Cancer-Leo is very realistic and practical, comparatively. This makes him/her quite inspiring and responsible among his/her peers.

This cusp does a job that is great it comes down to amassing material wide range and convenience for both, his/her own self additionally the people she or he really loves. This emphasizes regarding the known undeniable fact that this cusp is capable sufficient to result in the most readily useful of exactly what life needs to offer him/her. Or, should we state it, or not that he/she is capable of grabbing the best things in life, whether life offers.

The traits that are negative

вњ— Materialisticвњ— Volatileвњ— Dependentвњ— Insensitiveвњ— Hypersensitiveвњ— Moodyвњ— Unscrupulousвњ— Self-centeredвњ— Dramaticвњ— Intolerantвњ— Proudвњ— Vengeful

A Description

Independently talking, both Cancer and Leo need to get the best things in life, although with definitely motives that are different. While Leo desires most of the pleasures that are materialistic luxuries to feel more proud and effective, Cancer wishes the whole thing limited to safety purposes. Nevertheless, this aspect will make this cusp quite materialistic in some instances.

The clear presence of the elements that are opposite mentioned previously, makes this cusp quite volatile. While at one example she or he could be bashful and hesitant, the thing that is next understand is this cuspian is through to the phase establishing the function on fire! Continue reading