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Functioning on advice with a Nigerian Immigration official, a combined number of international females, hitched to Nigerian residents


These women were having challenges with their resident permits that needed to be regularly renewed, as well as with their work permits and re-entry visas at the time. Additionally, they encountered discriminatory regards to work while they would not get the advantages that regular expatriates of comparable skills enjoyed, nor did they have the advantageous asset of permanent pensionable work that put on Nigerians. Also, these people were perhaps not permitted to remit section of their salaries with their loved ones abroad, despite the fact that these people were legitimately hitched to Nigerians. The issue of an indefinite residence permit for Nigerwives was raised with the then Comptroller of Immigration for the first time with the help of Mrs. Mohammed – mother-in-law to our present Trustee Josephine Mohammed – a diplomat who then served in the UK and the US. Continue reading