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We took down an online payday loan – but at minimum I’m ashamed from it

Legal loan sharks are normalising financial obligation and, worst of most, the national government is cosying up for them

Of all stupid, shameful things I have actually admitted to in this newspaper – viewing The X Factor, being deeply in love with the Duchess of Cambridge – having applied for an online payday loan must top all of them.

We ummmed and ahhed about exposing this for quite some time, because coming to the office naked will be less embarrassing, less humiliating, less ignominious than admitting that, during the period of 2 yrs, I paid very nearly three grand for that Ј700 loan, that loan I took away merely to pay money for a journey to Kenya therefore I could go to my best friend’s wedding, a marriage that dissolved within a 12 months, and thus, in essence, I experienced invested Ј3,000 to (type of) experience a pride of lions, get chronic sunstroke and stay bitten to buggery by a lot of malarial mosquitoes.

I was a trick, an idiot, a wilful ignoramus, and I also became caught in a period of endless, once you understand stupidity. That is exactly just just how loans that are payday, and just how the folks behind them make their millions. Whenever obtaining a quick-fix advance loan to tide you over till you next get paid, you may be made mindful that the greater amount of you place down paying it back once again, the bigger your debt can get. But until they start pursuing you aggressively for their money as you don’t have the money at that very moment (you never had the money in the first place, which is why you took out the loan…), you can bung the lender a few quid back to keep them happy for the time being, putting off the inevitable for a couple more weeks, at least. Which, needless to say, they will have every right to complete (although are four telephone calls before 8am on “pay-up time” really necessary?). Continue reading