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16 Crazy Things Greek Gods & Goddesses Have Experienced Intercourse With

The gods had sex with in the world of the ancient Greeks, where the gods were not just powerful beings who could do just about anything they wanted to, but were also crazy about sex, there were no limits to the things. The goal, or the means as something central to the lives of the Greek gods, sex in myths was always the motive. With this much action going on, it is unsurprising there are countless cases of strange intercourse in Greek mythology.

The Greek gods had plenty of strange intercourse taking place with all forms of things in every types of means, but strange Greek god sex tales don’t stop there. Usually the gods utilize their capacity to even get laid if that means switching on mail order brides their own into another thing, such as a horse, a snake, as well as water. Some even prefer it this way: numerous gods turned on their own into one thing strange before making love only for the hell from it.

The goddesses are not resistant to sex that is weird, either. Some strange Greek goddess sex stories involved making love along with other gods in the shape of pets and much more. Continue reading