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Connecting & Disconnecting the Gas Regulator. There is a little bit of news BBQ that is recently regarding gas.

Just how to Prevent BBQ Petrol Fires

There’s been a little bit of news recently regarding BBQ fuel fires.

Therefore, it is worth taking the time and energy to review BBQ safety.

The news is keen on reporting “exploding gas cylinders”.

The stark reality is that gasoline cylinders seldom explode.

In reality, it could be very difficult in order to make one explode.

Force Relief Valve Protects You

Why is this? Well, gas cylinder valves are designed with force relief valves. The pressure relief valve allows the gas to vent and keep the LPG gas cylinder-bottle pressure within safe limits if the cylinder is exposed to excessive heat.

The worst thing that can happen could be the venting gasoline ignites along with a plume of flame.

This may self-extinguish once the cylinder operates away from fuel.

For this reason you constantly desire to use your BBQ out-of-doors and far from home or other flammable materials. Continue reading