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The internet dating sites and asking males for images had been a launch for him because he could maybe not dress himself.

As it happens he bit the bullet and bought himself lingerie, clothes, constitute wigs the whole works about per month them all in a dumpster the day I moved in with him before we met and threw.

I believe we had been both just a little shocked once I just said “well if you wish to dress then take action!!”

I like this guy along with my heart together with idea he have been missing something which clearly made him so delighted because he had been ashamed and scared of the way I would respond made me therefore sad.

Don’t misunderstand me, I happened to be terrified. It absolutely was but still is quite confusing!

As opposed to me personally wondering if he wished to be with a cross dresser in place of me personally, i discovered myself wondering if he wished to be a female, had been he transgender?! Therefore numerous concerns.

That 3 hour drive he replied each of my concerns truthfully. For the first-time in our history, he had been honest.

He could be interested in crossdressers because he views them as ladies

He does not desire to be a female

He didn’t dress the whole time we had been together

He never ever came across anybody through the websites

There was clearly only a little “sexting” in the internet sites

He never ever took some of my underwear

We told him by talking with someone else I was open to him crossdressing that I loved him and as long as he was honest with me and would never disrespect me. I do believe he had been relieved it absolutely was finally out in the open. And excited. For the shopping!! Continue reading