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“A big area of the cause for the orgasm space is our intercourse training gap. ”

A part that is big of basis for the orgasm space is our intercourse training space. Luckily, you can find efforts underway to simply help alter this. The one that I’m most excited about may be the growth of web sites and apps (such as OMGYes), made to show both women and men more about feminine intimate physiology and pleasure—a subject sorely lacking in US intercourse education. These technologies are hoped by me may help replace with what folks aren’t learning elsewhere—and that this increased knowledge may bring us nearer to orgasm equality.

Do both women and men really experience casual sex differently? And just how would you feel just like society perpetuates that?

There’s a double standard surrounding casual sex—women are generally judged more harshly than guys for having it, as soon as a guy has it, he’s very likely to get yourself a pat in the straight back rather than be shamed. Continue reading