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Texts you shouldn’t deliver after splitting up with some body

Technical advances — like texting once was — are ever-evolving and wonderful. But it feels less like a helpful innovation and more like a self-destruct button during the midst of a breakup while we use texting to stay connected and informed, thereby improving our day-to-day lives. Texting helps it be far too simple to deliver precisely the incorrect thing to precisely the incorrect individual, however you can not pass the fault completely. In the end, so far as we all know, phones can not deliver late-night texts to your ex lover simply by on their own.

Breakups are tough, and it’s really simple to genuinely believe that striking up a flirty discussion with your ex lover will result in something more — or that delivering them a page-long wall surface of text regarding how incorrect they certainly were could make them start to see the mistake of the methods. Continue reading