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Ask Minda Honey: How Do You Date some guy If I’ve Been Resting together with his Buddy?

Hey Minda!

Soo, Louisville is really a little city, like super little. Either you’re created right right here or decided to go to university right right here or you really are a transplant. Well, I’m two of this three. I’m a transplant and decided to go to college right here. I’ve been sex that is casually having this person for just two years, absolutely nothing severe. We never ever clicked. I heard whomp-whomp-whomp, but I didn’t want to be giving my cookie to everyone, and it was decent when he talked. Well, last December, we came across this person before i met him because I knew of him through social media while I was out, but I had already been crushing on him. Therefore, recently, he and I also started getting and talking to learn one another. I enjoy him and think things could actually grow. Therefore, my problem is, he therefore the guy I’ve been sex that is casually having are buddies. Like buddies buddies. Continue reading