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Being a Torontonian, we optimistically thought competition wouldn’t matter much.

Certainly one of the defining maxims of our culture is, in the end, multiculturalism. There clearly was a w KKK, recall the demagogic, racist terms of Donald Trump during their campaign, find out about yet another shooting of a unarmed black guy in the usa, and thank my happy stars me shot if my tail light went out and I were asked to pull over that I decided to stay in Canada for law school, instead of going to a place where my sass could get. Right Here i will be, a multicultural woman in the world’s many multicultural town in another of the many multicultural of nations.

I’ve never ever felt the comparison between your two nations more highly than whenever I had been signing up to legislation college. After being accepted by a number of Canadian and Ivy League legislation schools, I visited Columbia University. Continue reading