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That kid that is poor. I must say I wonder where he could be now and in case he ever surely could shake down their mom.

10. Diaper stress

We knew a mom whom kept her 5-year-old child in diapers if they sought out of the home because she did not desire her utilizing general general public restrooms. As the woman sitting in her own own excrement had been much better on her wellness, evidently.

11. Moments from hot dog catastrophe

A 13-year-old kid lives across the street. The little one had been never ever by himself for such a thing. Parents are often here.

The creepiest thing we saw them do? We’d them to a celebration, as soon as he asked for a hot dog the mom freaked down them whole because I served! She took the hot dog from their hand and cut it for him in small child bites (like i might do for my 1-year-old), then handed it back again to him like she conserved their life.

The dad then took him towards the restroom with a gallon of sanitizer and infant wipes making “sure” the kid washed their fingers.

12. Dormestic disruption

I happened to be planning to move into a dorm with a close buddy, but her mom contacted administration and insisted that she be allowed to survive campus to ensure her child ended up being doing her research and steering clear of liquor.

13. Eyes when you look at the sky

Some dad did not like to walk their kid towards the coach end, him walk to the bus stop so he bought a drone so that the drone could watch. WHICH IS REAL HELICOPTER PARENTING.

14. Police meeting

A couple of years ago we had been employing for an entry-level assistance desk position. A good kid arrived in together with mother. We really politely offered her one thing to take in and put she could stay. She was NOT invited to your meeting it self. Continue reading