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It is a flag that is red it implies that she’s entitled and self centered.

Oh, every one of her exes are “crazy”? Exactly what a coincidence! There’s positively no possibility that she’s the main one into the wrong here!

You understand how straight girls love to daydream on how if perhaps they might date ladies, their love life will be free from dilemmas? And then lesbians everywhere LOL their asses down? F ckboys, abusers, and crappy partners also come in every sex, and if you’d prefer your comfort and delight, it’s a good idea to stay away from them early before your heart gets too connected. Happily, many of these significantly less than stellar ladies make on their own understood pretty in the beginning you merely need certainly to watch out for the bright flags that are red waving.

Luckily for us for you personally, I’ve ignored plenty of warning flag in my own life time, and I also have always been now qualified to produce an excellent a number of them. Listed here are 15 warning flag you certainly shouldn’t ignore in the next lesbian relationship, regardless of how adorable this woman is. Continue reading