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Ask MetaFilter: Singles intercourse parties los angeles

I am a appealing feminine in my twenties. I have never ever experimented intimately beyond regular sex that is male/female. I am really thinking about being with an other woman, having a threesome, being watched, viewing, etc.

We are now living in Los Angeles, and so I feel there should be plenty of possibility around me, but i am really careful plus don’t desire to turn out to be killed by some wacko I came across on craigslist.

Are there any settings, like pubs or groups, where folks are partying in a far more sexual manner? We as soon as saw an bout of Nip/Tuck where Christian went along to an event where individuals were sex that is having in the available, yet others would simply participate in. Performs this exist?

If an experience is had by you comparable, I would like to hear it.

Yes they exist, at the least around here Meetup is a fairly great place to locate them.

Yes, they still utilize meetup.

Mostly them have regular jobs, a disturbing amount in fields that would probably not take kindly to knowing that someone wants various partners etc. Continue reading