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Require some advice with my relationship, I do not understand how to handle it

I do not understand just just just what do to any longer. Sorry this will likely to be kinda long.

we knew I would lose him if she ever came back in his life. He had been delivering 50-75+ texts messages a time and online with her etc. carried their phone every-where I knew he wanted to be with her with him, even to bed (which was not normal) After a while. (I’m sure we will not need done this but i did so) we told him if he really wants to be along with her to choose it, i am going to move apart if it’ll make him pleased. He stated “no i do want to be that our company is divided and determine where is goes. with you, and she probably does not think about me personally this way, besides i am hitched” we told him “well it is possible to inform her” That killed me to accomplish, but all We have ever desired would be to make him delighted, we demonstrably never make him pleased, perhaps she could. I figured him happy and he wanted her so will step aside for the 2 of them if she can make. Continue reading