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We frequently simply just just take phone calls while making Appointments for my colleague and wish to send these in a way them to his Calendar that he can directly add

These aren’t Meetings I don’t want to send him a Meeting Request as then they will also show on my own Calendar with me so.

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We additionally don’t have direct writing use of their Calendar while he does not want to be “surprised” with new Appointments abruptly arriving in the Calendar.

Can there be in any manner I’m able to deliver such Appointments by e-mail without crating a entire large amount of additional work with me personally?

Regrettably, Outlook doesn’t have actually an“Appointment for Someone command as that else would instantly re solve your request.

I’ve seen individuals which can be a little more skilled in Outlook solve this by very very first producing the Appointment inside their very own Calendar, connect that item to a message then delete the Appointment from their particular Calendar after they’ve delivered the e-mail. Continue reading