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Buddies with Benefits, but minus the Sex: directly Women and Gay guys Exchange honest Mating guidance 2

Dependent measures

After viewing their randomly-assigned target profile, individuals had been expected to assume attending a celebration using the depicted individual and also to give consideration to a number of hypothetical situations where the target offered them mating-relevant advice ( ag e.g., told them just how to interpret a connection with a stylish person in the alternative sex). We evaluated the amount to which individuals stated they might trust these tips making use of eight things (see Appendix for complete variety of things). All products had been presented on 7-point scales that blond sex are likert-type with greater values corresponding to greater recognized standing of advice provided by the prospective.

Individuals additionally replied three questions built to evaluate their perception regarding the target’s capacity to assist them look for a mate. Particularly, participants ranked the chance that the prospective may help them find an opposite-sex other into the form of (a) “a fling, ” (b) “a date, ” and (c) “a possible relationship” on 7-point score scales (endpoints: 1 = most unlikely, 7 = more than likely). Continue reading