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Ousted SEAL’s Wife Says Navy Place Her Family in danger with Public Firing

Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Hugh potential Spangler along with his wife Amanda have worked difficult to keep a decreased profile.

Spangler has offered significantly more than 2 decades being a Navy SEAL , so he along with his wife stay off social media marketing, do not go out in pubs frequented by special operators, and generally reside a peaceful life, Amanda Spangler told

However in September, Spangler’s name made national news whenever he and two officers, Cmdr. Edward Mason and Lt. Cmdr. Luke Im, had been taken out of their SEAL group 7 leadership roles after a high-profile incident triggered a platoon to be booted away from Iraq. The Navy issued a general public declaration naming the 3 leaders, have been relieved by back Adm. Collin Green, the top of Naval Special Warfare Command. Continue reading