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The event continued complete blown that I was not good enough after I confronted and I was told

Recently about a few months ago i came across registration up to a cheating web web site where their profile really said married but in search of additional intercourse. II destroyed it once more , confronted him and stated I became done. He said hed prove if you ask me personally i happened to be it. Which he never acted on any such thing and not would but i can’t think him or get pass it. Final i looked at Google location and he was cauught being somewhere 2 days in a row when supposed to be working week. We confronted once again in which he just got made I checked google. Must I call it quits on him dealing with me personally appropriate. We make sure he understands how worthless personally I think and i that is lonely but get absolutely absolutely nothing.

He does not attempt to fight for us…. must I.

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