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“Demand for more authentic online experiences will continue steadily to grow” Interview with Yubo’s co-founder & CEO, Sacha Lazimi

Gen Z and Gen Alpha are spending more hours online than ever before, but at just what expense to their psychological state? Studies have shown that greatly curated social media marketing pages are making a toxic environment that are driving feelings of inadequacy. In reaction to the trend, French startup Yubo has created an on-line social area for Gen Z which takes the focus far from growing supporters, and instead onto making genuine friendships. Imagine a type of TikTok without influencers and likes, and alternatively a focus that is primary authentic conversation.

Since 2015, Yubo has exploded into an active community of 40 million users in 40 countries worldwide. In 2020 alone, the app experienced a 550% increase in time used on live streams. Headquartered in Paris, Yubo boasts a team that is fast-growing of, and they are currently hiring!

We trapped with certainly one of Yubo’s co-founders, Sacha Lazimi to find out more about Yubo and what makes it unique, just how he scaled the continuing company therefore fast, as well as his vision for the future of social networking. Let’s plunge in!

Sacha, many thanks when planning on taking the right time for you to meet up with us. To begin with, exactly how did you launch Yubo? Exactly What sparked your need to begin it?

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Yubo was created because we wanted to improve the real way everyone was reaching each other on line. The chance to connect in a better way – but the issue wasn’t being addressed by the sector around 10 years ago, we thought technology offered people. In October 2015, we developed a very simple app to make friends on Snapchat. Continue reading