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If you are seeing messages about retention policies in groups or have questions about retention labels in your apps, contact your IT division for details about how they were configured for you.

Read about retention policies and retention labels

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The information and knowledge with this page is because of it administrators who is able to produce retention policies and retention labels for conformity reasons.

The volume and complexity of their data is increasing daily—email, documents, instant messages, and more for most organizations. Effortlessly managing or regulating this info is important since you need certainly to

Comply proactively with industry laws and internal policies that require you to definitely retain content for the minimal amount of time—for instance, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act may need you to retain specific kinds of content for seven years.

Lessen your risk in case of litigation or even a security breach by completely deleting content that is old you’re not any longer required to keep.

Help your business to share knowledge effortlessly and stay more agile by ensuring that your users work only with content that’s present and highly relevant to them.

Retention settings you configure will allow you to achieve these goals. Managing content commonly calls for two actions

With one of these two retention actions, you’ll configure retention settings for the after outcomes

  • Retain-only Retain content forever or even for a period that is specified of.
  • Delete-only Permanently delete content after a specified period of the time.
  • Retain then delete Retain content for the period that is specified of and then completely delete it.

These retention settings make use of content set up that saves you the extra overheads of creating and configuring extra storage whenever you will need to retain content for conformity reasons. In addition, you should not implement personalized processes to duplicate and synchronize this information. Continue reading