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ZAPoly Discussion Topic : Relationship Agreements. That’s where rules can be found in

Having the ability to determine just what works it is one of the beauties of polyamory for you and then doing. It’s not necessary to accept culture’s norms and traditions, you negotiate yours. You are doing what makes everybody included many pleased.

Guidelines are relationship agreements both you and your lovers exercise amongst yourselves. The theory behind relationship agreements in a polyamorous context is we have been rejecting the principal relationship paradigm and all sorts of its implicit presumptions about how exactly relationships are designed to work. We’re discovering for ourselves what realy works and just what fails, in a ethical and way that is consensual. Since we get rid of the default rulebook, we reach negotiate our very own – specific to each relationship we forge. It’s an activity of error and trial, rather than all rules work. Some are good, most are bad.

We do not _have_ to start in the backwoods, however. Poly men and women have been interacting and finding out most useful practises about relationship guidelines since, well, there have been poly people. Continue reading