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Just how can the indications flirt? What exactly is their design based on Venus?

Venus in Pisces

When you yourself have Venus in Pisces in your delivery chart, when you’re into “flirt mode” you have a tendency to “act to attract” in a few for the after means

Mysterious. You appear interesting, elusive, also enigmatic. Your atmosphere of secret might ask a nice-l king anyone to be seduced in to a affair that is secret.

Sweet and Demure. You appear sensitive and painful and vulnerable, or coy, or shy. Your sweetness is seductive as well as your demure demeanor is disarming. If you should be feminine, an femininity that is alluring flower and passively but powerfully attract the item of the love.

Surreal. You provide intriguing illusions or a getaway from truth, perhaps in a romantic fantasy world that invites usually the one you wish to leave the drudgery of everyday life. Continue reading