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“Truth Hurts” by Lizzo. Basically, this track is dependant on Lizzo beefing with her ex. S

he’s got made the decision to snub him and move ahead along with her life. And through the entire track she actually is essentially saying the good reasons she’s got done this along with delineating the effects thereof. Plus in the method, a couple is thrown by her of jabs at guys generally speaking.

By way of example, the track begins using the line “why are guys great ’til they surely got to be great”. This can be meant to be considered a criticism especially against men in power and usually from the sensed ineptitude of males to effectively manage those seats.

First Verse

The verse that is first Lizzo dissing some guy whom evidently she simply dumped.

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Her rationale for performing this is apparently which he had not been severe. Plus in the method, in accordance with her, he destroyed a “bad bi*ch” who was simply ready to assist him be successful.

2nd Verse

The verse that is second some animosity that existed involving the two of those. Continue reading