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Cregardinggrats on the victory that is spiritual Kapner. We and also the Lord SALUTE one.

Dear Br. Nathanael,

Here’s that overcome harm complete for your requirements as being a consequences regarding the STRAFFING from attack concerning ‘The Killer Tomatoes’ concerning Colorado

Today get as actually as consume a deserved and needed SLEEP. Choose a few ‘R&R’ yourself Even though the Lord displays St. Raphael your Archangel often your very own struggle wounds even though the Heavenly’s do a little FIX strive to on your ‘Warthog’ (grin)

Dear Br. Nathanael,

Plus the spiritual harm you’ve triggered your Lord’s adversaries inside New York includes this time of getting in order to area the holes up burned/etched to the memory out of witnessing we, on your content, while the reaction after typical each and every day quite really LIVING men and women regarding the roads to New York.

All of them need certainly to mend your sight regarding the memory concerning viewing your because they crush rocks and stomp in mud pits in order to continue building Pharoahs Temples and Cities as they go off to sumptiously dine on leeks and onions.

They should battle from the consideration as well as summary that they’re each always just SLAVES, then his or her hordes is certainly going to another looters, shysters, attorneys, uneven fund guys plus bankers, for their corrupt government officials, an such like. Continue reading