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Scientists used normal language processing practices and peoples validation to recognize subjects into the open-ended reactions

Place more just, algorithms had been utilized to evaluate the reactions for particular terms, and scientists confirmed the leads to ensure precision. The goal was to classify whether each reaction mentions confirmed topic. Employing a computational type of terms that frequently look together within the responses, scientists identified 30 various topics and utilized sets of keywords determine each subject and label the reactions. For instance, responses which used terms like “reading” and “exercise” were categorized as mentioning “activities and hobbies.” Reactions could possibly be coded as mentioning several topics or none at all. For instance, reactions that talked about “reading the Bible” were identified as both reading that is mentioning a task or pastime, and Christianity, faith and spirituality.

The open-ended reactions consist of both broad subjects and much more certain subtopics within them. For instance, participants whom particularly mention their spouse, spouse or intimate partner are coded as having cited a spouse or partner (20%). People who react with certain reference to kids or grandchildren (34%) are coded as a result. And all sorts of participants whom mention some of these will also be incorporated into a broader group of those that mention family members (69%), because are the ones whom utilize terms like “mom,” “sibling,” “niece” or just “family.”

Similarly, reactions that have terms like “Jesus” or “Christian” are contained in the Christianity category (5%). The group of those that mention faith and spirituality (20% of all of the participants) includes the 5% who mention Christianity along with people who mention other religions or offer more references that are general words like “God,” “religion,” “creator,” or just “faith” or “spirituality.”

Complete information regarding the way the open-ended responses had been coded are given into the Methodology. Continue reading