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No matter what inviting these leaders want their youth teams to be, they’re confronted with information that recommend a difficult truth: Jewish marriages cause more Jewish families.

Relating to a huge study on Jewish life in American recently circulated by Pew, 96 % of Jews by having a Jewish partner are increasing kids consistently, when compared with just 20 per cent of Jews by having a non-jewish partner. Another 25 % of intermarried partners are increasing their children with Jewish tradition. Once more, there’s a correlation versus causation concern here: individuals who marry other Jews are going to feel highly about their faith currently, them would raise their kids religiously so it makes sense that most of. However the contrast continues to be stark: partners with two Jewish lovers are about twice as likely to raise their children with all kinds of Jewish visibility.

Eric Fingerhut, the president and CEO of Hillel, summed this issue up nicely. Continue reading