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5 Techniques To Cope In A Hookup Obsessed Society

Let’s get directly to the idea: we are now living in a hookup culture that is obsessed. The skill of dating simply could become extinct in the coming years as apps like Tinder make their means within the social ladder, making discovering that unique someone also harder than scoring Halsey seats. Overhear the conversations of other millennials on the street as they casually talk about their hookups like it’s as normal as going to the grocery store if you’re like me, you probably curse under your breath as you. You begin to consider that maybe you’re antique – that undoubtedly you’ll want to loosen up a bit if you’d like to choose the best person for your needs. Then you snap back into reality you’re not about that life and you’re not about to start as you realize that the right person won’t be magically uncovered during a meaningless hookup.

Whether you’re a fan of setting up or otherwise not, that’s your prerogative. Continue reading