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Doll fetish may be the wish to be changed directly into a doll or transforming somebody else right into a doll.

About That Web Site

Doll fetish could be the need to be changed directly into a transforming or doll somebody else into a doll. This could be a full time income being such as for example a plastic doll or an object that is inanimate as being a lovedoll.

The attraction can sometimes include the wish to have real intimate experience of a doll, a fantasy of a intimate encounter by having an animate or inanimate doll, encounters between dolls on their own, or sexual pleasure gained from thoughts to be changed or changing another as a doll. a essential dream for many people will be changed in to the preferred item (such as for example a lovedoll) and experiencing an associated state of immobility or paralysis. Such dreams might be extended to roleplaying, therefore the term utilized by fetishists whom enjoy being changed into just just just what seems to be a “rubber doll“latex or” doll”.

This amazing site came to be away from a passion for reading doll tales, while the thoughts, fantasies and really wants to become one. Whilst this site deals mainly with Doll transformations and folks turning out to be dolls, there are lots of mannequin, fembot & objectification tales right right here too. Enjoy!

These tales depict the change of someone or people into dolls, primarily lovedolls or sexdolls. Some include transformations into mannequins. Most are by permission, some reluctantly modification plus some are non-consensual.

The transformations happen either by wishes, secret, spells, curses, brain control, hypnotism and on occasion even because of anyone climbing into a doll suit. The dolls are then placed with their appropriate use by their brand brand brand new owners, consequently they are looked after as all good dollies ought to be! Continue reading